Monday, March 21, 2016

A Poem for Holy Week

Today marks the beginning of Holy Week--when the church re-lives the harrowing events in the final week of Jesus' life. Today is also, according to posts I've read on Facebook (citing UNESCO), World Poetry Day.

In honor of both, a poem:

The Road Ahead

To journey with Jesus this week
walk tenderly along the rutted road
your feet bare and dusty 
doggedly plodding toward trouble

When hope is all that remains
to hold onto and your palms
are rope-burned red
make of faith and doubt
a lifeline, not a noose
and grasp tight despite the pain

Gather up grief and despair
and weave for it baskets of reed and tears;
then lay the world’s woes before
The One who cannot be entombed

The One who has built an altar

in your heart and animates
your every breath from birth to death
and (sometimes all too soon)
cradles you home

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